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Le salon HOME accueille l'exposition ONE MORE TOY 4 "A FLEUR DE PEAU"

Du 12 au 14 Octobre, Le salon Home acceuille et héberge notre exposition A FLEUR DE PEAU / One More Toy 4...Faites le détour si vous êtes aux alentours de Lyon et découvrez les gants en éditions limités de 7 Tatoueurs.

ONE MORE TOY 3 - ANNECY // photos

one more toy 3 by fst handwear à annecy

C'était vendredi soir le deuxième set de ONE MORE TOY 3!! ca se passait à Annecy à la boutique Six Feet Upper. Encore un bon apéro ;) et une excellente soirée. Alors on va eassayer de ne pas oublier ceux qui ont fait en sorte que ce soit si mémorable :))

Fabien, le maître des lieux et notre excellent hôte!! si vous êtes sur annecy n'hésitez pas à passer le voir à la boutique et découvrir sa sélection bien classe de fringues! www.sixfeetupper.tumblr.com/


Fabien, notre hôte pour la nuit :) idem un petit coucou s'impose à son resto www.facebook.com/nooi.annecy


Les Dj's! Antoino Bellini et Julien Dorst de W&F


Adrien! pour la belle vidéo qu'il nous prépare :)


Fondation Ricard pour le sourire qu'ils nous ont mis toute la soirée grace à leur breuvage!


Les artistes de One More Toy pour nous en avoir mis plein les yeux


Et un grand merci à ceux qui sont passés!!! pour les autres c'est session de rattrapage le jeudi 22 Décembre à Lyon pour le dernier Opus de ONE MORE TOY 3!!!

ONE MORE TOY 3 à ANNECY demain soir!!!

one more toy 3 by fst handwear à annecy

Annecy, demain soir!!! et uniquement demain soir!! (vendredi 2 Décembre)




Rendez vous vers les 19h00 à la boutique SIX FEET UPPER pour l'apéro/expo ONE MORE TOY3




expo ONE MORE TOY 3 by FST HANDWEAR19h00SIX FEET UPPER / 8 Fbg des Annonciades 74000 Annecyet si vous avez raté l'édition de Grenoble c'est par ici! et en video :))

one more toy 3 / grenoble

Gants FST HANDWEAR compatibles écrans tactiles, IPHONE, IPAD et divers smartphones

nouveaux gants FST HANDWEAR compatibles écrans tactiles, Iphone, Ipad

L'éternelle, mais finalement plutôt récente... problématique de comment utiliser avec ses gants son IPHONE/IPAD/autres smartphones à écran tactiles enfin résolue :)

Depuis cet hiver commencent à apparaître différentes solutions "technologiques". A grand renfort de marketing et d'artifices, les "nouveaux" gants tactiles devraient arriver au bout de vos doigts...mais faites le bon choix! Ces solutions sont souvent inesthétiques avec une petite verrue conductrice au bout de vos doigts ou encore des films métalliques conducteurs pausés de facon inesthétique. D'autant plus que ces excroissances ne se trouvent généralement que sur l'index. Hors les différentes possibilités de l'Iphone, Ipad vont au delà de la simple utilisation de l'index. Et oui le multi doigts permet de zoomer, ouvrir, fermer des photos, jouer...

C'est pour cela que nous avons développé dans les labos secrets de FST ;) la derniere et ultime technologie :) Toute la paume, tous les doigts de nos gants pour hommes sont compatibles!!! Et oui! pourquoi utiliser des artifices alors que le secret réside dans la matière que nous avons développée pour la collection homme de cet hiver...une petite poudre de perlinpinpin incrustée dans les fibres textiles. Mais chut nous ne dévoilerons rien de plus. C'est un secret!


Compatibles et en plus design!


Le poids des mots...c'est fait, voici le choc des photos avec la video...réalisée sans trucage bien sur!!!


captation d'images : Simon Baret / FST HANDWEAR

montage : Simon Baret / FST HANDWEAR


See video


gants grant coghill x FST HANDWEAR pour l'expo ONE MORE TOY 3


Bio ..Grant is influenced by wildlife, animism, nocturnal life, abstract art, Indonesian shadow puppets, obscure bands, tribal costumes, folk tales, Austrian krampus and Asian travel. A sharp juxtaposition of dark, white and vivid colours that are tense and expressive and convey the images with force.

Website .. www.grantcoghill.com

Facebook .. www.facebook.com/coghill.art 



Tell us a little more about your background – what path led you to what you’re doing now?

I studied graphic design in Scotland then moved to the capital, Edinburgh, and worked there for 6 years. I eventually became dissatisfied with my life and job there and wanted to break free from city life. My best friend and I decided to drop everything and travel Europe in his van. We did that and eventually ended up living in Florence, Italy, for 7 months, playing Scottish folk music in a campsite and Irish bar. The whole experience was great and I knew I wanted to return to that area of Europe.

After a brief time back in Scotland searching for work I was offered an internship with a snowboard magazine in Innsbruck, Austria. I flew back over within 1 week of the offer and started work! When that finished I was offered a job designing skateboards and

clothing for a company based in Innsbruck. I did that for a few years then quit fulltime work to become a freelancer. With no fixed work place I was able to move to Indonesia to live and work for nearly a year.

I came back to Salzburg to work as a freelancer and to concentrate on painting rather than digital.

What have been some favorite projects / paintings in recent years?

My favorite projects have been anything that allows me to experiment and follow my own instincts. Skateboard, Snowboard and clothing design are always fun to work on. I’ve just finished a couple of ‘artists series’ snowboards and that has been a steep learning curve for me but great fun. I hope to do more of this work in the future.

How would you describe your work to someone who hasn’t seen your paintings or sculptures?

A sharp juxtaposition of dark, white and vivid colors that are tense and expressive and convey the images with force.

What can we expect to see in the upcoming exhibition ONE MORE TOY?

Spicy, nocturnal, tropical, ambush....

Grant is influenced by wildlife, animism, nocturnal life, abstract art, Indonesian shadow puppets, obscure bands, tribal costumes, folk tales, Austrian krampus and Asian travel. A sharp juxtaposition of dark, white and vivid colours that are tense and

expressive and convey the images with force.

What does a typical day in the studio involve for you?

Get up at 7.30. Switch on computer and check mails and news while drinking a coffee. Work until 1 o’clock, go for a shower then take a hike through the forest and up onto the kapuzinerberg hill. Watch wildlife, take photos, learn German on my ipod. Return and work until then meet my girlfriend for dinner.

Where do you turn for creative inspiration – travel, cultural references, books or the web etc.?

I have a collection of photos from my travels, which I usually refer to for inspiration. I’ll collage them with bits of my pencil sketches and any other element that catches my eye. I also like to look at sites like fecalface.com or modart. It’s inspiring to see so many different unique artists emerging from obscurity.

Which other artists or other creative people do you admire?

In high school the only art books I had a particular interest in were of iconic airbrush artists like Hajime Sorayama, Philip Castle, Alan Aldridge and Doug Johnson. Their work has always appealed to me, especially Doug Johnson, and that’s maybe something I have tried to carry over onto my work.

Other than that I really like Luke Rudolf, Yue Minjun, Nicholas Kalmakoff, Anthony Ausgang, Pierre Soulages, Paul Jenkins, Sidney Sime, Eggon Schiele, Judith Supine.......to name just a few.

What are you looking forward to?

To finishing a small range of paintings and having them exhibited in Salzburg. Making this transition from drawn/digital to canvas is challenging and slow progress but a very necessary step for me to take. Every day I work towards this goal.


Your favorite Salzburg neighborhood and why?

The old town is cool. There are plenty of nice bars where you can sit outside by candlelight all night long in summer. There are loads of small art galleries within a short distance too.

What/where was the last great meal you ate in Salzburg?

Salzburg has so many great places to eat it’s almost impossible to choose! I love traditional Austrian cooking, but I have to say the best meal I had last in Salzburg was from this super small, family run, Thai curry shack below the castle. It was so small that you can only fit a few people in at one time. The green curry was better than I remember having in Thailand.

Where do you shop in Salzburg?

I don’t have time for shopping, other than for art materials!

Where would be find you on a typical Saturday morning?

In summer, I’d be recovering from Friday night. In winter I would definitely be on top of the mountain snowboarding!

Salzburg’s best kept secret?

I haven’t lived here long enough to discover the many little treasures the city hides. But from my experience so far, I’d say it has to be all the little hidden away art galleries in the backstreets. 


L'EXPRESS 21 sept 2011

FST HANDWEAR gants design / couverture de L'express 21 septembre 2011

Un dossier spécial Grenoble dans l'édition du 21 sept. de L'Express :) On est vraiment très fier de constater que l'un des bons plans sur Grenoble est d'avoir sa paire de gants FST...ahaha

C'est un numéro qui régorge de bons plans musique/artistes/restos/bars/gants...bref (ce mot étant à la mode en ce moment).

C'est un numéro à se procurer pour découvrir ou redécouvrir la ville.

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